December 2015 Article

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas from the Cibolo Lodge. We had our annual Christmas party on Sunday, December 6th at the Schertz Community Center and had a very merry time! We wish you could have been there, it was so much fun! We started the evening with snacks and refreshments for young and old alike. The juniors had coloring sheets to keep them busy and entertained as they waited semi patiently for the jolly man to make his appearance.

We will get back to the Jolly Elf in a minute, but first a very special thank you to Buddy Preuss, Grand Lodge President, for coming to our event and presenting our own Dorothy Schneider with her 60 year pin and a Certificate created by her grandson AJ. It was such an honor to have you and Elizabeth present to share in our special evening.

Our fundraiser this year raised $525.00 which was presented to the Thrivewell Cancer Services by Grand Lodge President Buddy Preuss and our President John Gray to Josie and Luz Pascual. In addition to our $525.00 the Grand Lodge matched with $500.00 (the maximum amount the Grand Lodge can match) to the Thrivewell Cancer Services. Way-to-go-Cib-o-lo! Whoo Hooo!

We still had some business to attend to and now it was time for the junior members to get some well deserved cash! Twelve junior members received attendance awards in amounts ranging from $2.00 to $16.00 for a total over $100.00. The junior members really like to receive the cash and all they have to do is come to the meetings, (which is a really good time to get that homework done – just saying). They also enjoyed coloring while waiting for a special someone to come so they could let him know what they wanted him to bring them for Christmas.

What’s that you hear? Bells you say? Could it be? YES, YES IT”S SANTA CLAUS! HE’S HERE!!! Boy oh boy were there some excited children (and adults too). Everyone got a chance to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and Santa’s helper aka Dawn Beirstedt handed out goodies to all the good little girls and boys. But all good things must end and Santa had other stops to make so he had to leave us for now, but he will be back again some day, soon.

Time to eat! Delicious bacon wrapped chicken served with green beans and mashed potatoes from Next Door Catering. Talk about tender and juicy chicken, yum yum yum! And then the desserts! So many to choose from, so little room in the tummy! It was all so delicious, you name it and we probably had it and guess how much was left over? That’s right, not much!

To end the evening we had presents to give away as well as a 50/50 drawing that netted Steven Shepherd some unexpected Christmas cash! Congratulations Stephen! The door prizes of miniature Christmas trees and poinsettias were beautiful and coveted!

In closing we want to wish Jonny and Joy Brown a Happy December Anniversary!

Tracy Campos
Recording Secretary