February 2018 Article

Cibolo Lodge had the honor of hosting Alexander Lorenz from the University of Texas at Austin, Texas German Dialect Project at our regular meeting held on February 1, 2018.

For those of you not able to attend here is the contact information for the program: texasgermandialect@gmail.com, phone # (512) 910-5047. For those of you that still speak German, please contact them so our Texas German dialect can be recorded and saved for future generations. This current project began in 2001. There have been 16 dissertations written about Texas German all over the world including Germany. It is taught at the undergraduate level at UT Austin and many other universities in the US. Alex was very interesting and informative and I strongly encourage all lodges to invite them to speak if any of your members speak German!

We learned where the German belt is in Texas and that the German migration began around 1844 as life became difficult in Germany. What Alex and his colleagues do is collect oral history of the people they interview, have them translate words and phrases into German and compare it to the ones collected in the 1960’s when Texas German dialect was first recorded to see how and if it has changed. To date they have interviewed over 600 Texas German speakers.

I must apologize to all of our readers for not sending in our January article. We did not have a meeting due to inclement weather and I completely forgot to let everyone know. I ask your forgiveness for my error and I will try to not let it happen again. I did stand in the corner as punishment when it was brought to my attention. So again I apologize and I am so sorry!

We hold our meetings the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1129 Pat Booker Rd., Universal City, TX 78148 so come and join us! Our next meeting, March1, will be in celebration of the “Wearing O’ the Green” in honor of St. Patrick’s Day so bring your favorite green food to go with our main dish of build your own sub sandwich’s.

We voted in 13 transfers, they are as follows. From Lone Oak (Adkins) Lodge, Ciarra J. Gawlik and Emma G. Pieniazek. From Pershing Lodge: Kate Marie Krupczak, Julie Krupczak and Linda Tudyk. From Zuehl Lodge: Ryleigh Rae Hulett, Deanne R. Hulett, Hailey R. Hulett, Joylene F. Herrera, Kathy Lynn Wiederstein and Allen Wiederstein. Welcome everyone; we hope to see you at our meetings.

Dena Warneke’s corn casserole was elected as the best side dish and Katherine Campos’ Heavenly filled strawberries was voted as best dessert. Nell Shepherd and Jonny Brown won the adult attendance cash awards and Javion Campos won the junior cash award. Special drawing winner was Karen Stacy Akins who was not present. Next month the drawing will be $40.

Happy February birthday wishes to Jonny Brown!

Tracy Campos
Recording Secretary