November 2018 Article

Happy Fall Y’all! Don’t you just love the cooler weather and the rain was much needed. I don’t know about everyone else but I really love the cool weather, time to cook stews and soups and bake! By far baking for me is the best in cool weather, I just love it!

We at Cibolo Lodge held our annual November meeting on the 1st at 7pm at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Universal City. We had a delicious ham dinner with the most amazing sides and deserts! The pinto beans were voted the best side dish followed by the deviled eggs and the desert voted as number one was the chocolate snowflake (crinkle) cookies followed by the strudel. Cliff and Kasey Shepherd were the Chef’s of the day with their delicious beans and yours truly was the cookie queen that night. Sorry Sherry and Cory, we love you and all of your delicious foods! This is an inside joke, so to find out what it’s all about come to one of our meetings and we will gladly explain!

We had our election of officers at this meeting and the officers elected are as follows:
President: John Gray, Vice President: Sherry Rakowitz, Financial Secretary/Treasurer: Joy Brown, Recording Secretary: Tracy Campos, Trustee: Sheri Ann Rakowitz, Finance Committee: Gail Gray, Membership Coordinator: Katherine Campos, Guide: Mary Ann Gray, Youth Director: Dawn Bierstedt and Community Coordinator: Kasey Shepherd

Make a Difference Day was Friday October 26 at TruCare Living Centers at 16550 Retama Pkwy, Selma, TX 78154 we started getting the residents ready at 2 and had 11 games of bingo and everyone from staff, to lodge members to guests that are currently residing at TruCare had so much fun they asked if we were coming back next week! I really don’t know who had more fun, President Gray in calling out the numbers and jokes or the residents. The last game was a coverall and by the time someone won there were less than 10 numbers not called. Thanks go to Kasey Shepherd and Gail Gray for putting the gift bags together for the bingo prizes.

We had 16 adults members, 3 juniors members and 1 guest. Attendance award winners were John Gray and Gail Gray, junior winner was Cheyenne Kuhlman. Special drawing was # 721 Adysin Paige Fuentes who was not present, next month the amount grows to $37.

Happy Birthday to Alvin Schulz and Dena Warneke both celebrate their birthday’s in November.

Tracy Campos
Recording Secretary